Mike Reilly: Finding My Voice

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Mike Reilly: Finding My Voice

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MIKE REILLY: Finding My Voice is a series of deeply personal vignettes illuminating how profoundly the sport of IRONMAN touches both its participants and its fans.

Written from Reilly’s unique insider’s perspective as the long-time World Championship race announcer and one of the most prominent personalities in the endurance sports field, it  provides an intimate, revealing and entertaining glimpse into a fascinating corner of the world of endurance sports.


"During forty years on the microphone at endurance events, it’s been all about the athletes for me. So, in one fell swoop with one swell book, I’m going to let it all hang out."


IRONMAN is a sports phenomenon that has come to symbolize the very best of human striving, achievement and excellence. And race announcer Mike Reilly is known throughout the endurance sports world as the “Voice of IRONMAN.”

Every year, over three hundred thousand people around the world compete in a series of long-distance triathlons that test the outer limits of their physical abilities and mental toughness. Some do it for glory, some to test themselves, some to honor lost loved ones or colleagues, some to bring healing to their troubled lives.

Over the years, hundreds of IRONMAN athletes have shared their tales with Reilly. In this book, he tells some of the stories that have touched and inspired him, in the hope that they will do the same for the reader.

A young woman races in a contest against cancer that threatens her life. A soldier carries a flag through the full marathon distance to keep alive the memory of fallen comrades. Two of the sport’s most decorated champions do battle in the greatest head-to-head competition ever seen in any sport. Parents put their family back together after the loss of a child.

Reilly has witnessed it all, and brings it to life in a series of riveting stories that will have readers re-thinking their notions of what people are capable of when pushed to their limits.


MIKE REILLY: Finding My Voice is aimed squarely at the general reader, who will be entranced by stories that are not only deeply inspiring but enormously entertaining. Mike has captured moments that illustrate perfectly the extraordinary human ability to rise above adversity and find the best in ourselves.



Mike has led teams of sales, marketing and operations professionals for several companies and has delivered motivational talks to countless such groups. The lessons to be learned from Finding My Voice have direct applicability for leaders and managers at all levels hoping to inspire others to be their very best.


Mike’s book is a deeply spiritual take on life, as expressed through the pursuit of difficult challenges. People searching for higher purpose and meaning will find much to admire and think about while reading these absorbing stories.


You don’t have to be a triathlete to love this book. Runners, swimmers, cyclists, and anyone engaged in a team sport like baseball, football or soccer will find themselves connecting with the reasons that brought them to athletics in the first place.




The official "Voice of IRONMAN" and an IRONMAN Hall of Fame inductee, has been involved in endurance sports for over 40 years and is one of the most prominent personalities in the field. He has called over 350,000 athletes across finish lines with his iconic phrase, “You are an IRONMAN!” and countless hundreds of thousands more in other events.


International bestselling author of fourteen works of fiction and non-fiction. A columnist and photographer for the official IRONMAN Website, he has also written award-winning feature articles about IRONMAN for a number of magazines and the IRONMAN World Championship race program and race-week magazine.


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