IRONMAN ROKA Women's Viper Elite Swimskin-Black/Subzero

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We believe the Viper Elite is the best value swimskin for the money. We built this swimskin to bring high performance at a more accessible price point. The Viper Elite compresses your body and streamlines your shape in the water, reducing form drag. It is faster than other swimskins, a trisuit or a tri top/bottom combo and comes off quickly in T1.

The Viper Elite swimskin is USAT and WTC legal and contains the exact same design features of the Viper Pro and differs only in fabric: instead of a premium stretch woven material, we use a premium knit fabric from a leading Italian manufacturer, the exact same fabric used in competitors' top of the line suits that cost $100 more. This fabric is lightweight, has a hydrophobic Teflon® coating and offers excellent compression.

Like the Viper Pro, the Viper Elite has the same high performance bonded seam construction and hidden stitch reinforcement. We use the same folded seam at the leg as we do with the Viper Pro, to prevent "sausage legs" caused by elastic bands with silicone grippers.It also has the same low profile zipper tape and autolocking YKK zipper slider as the Viper Pro, which locks in the down position and opens in the up position, allowing you to skip the use of a lanyard for better hydrodynamics. The Viper Elite comes with atomic red graphics.  

If you have a non-wetsuit race on your calendar, the ROKA Viper Elite is a must-have for your arsenal.  

Swimskin Fit Tips:

Swimskins should fit snugly but comfortably without inhibiting your breathing or arm movement. Fit may feel different while swimming vs. on land, so make sure to try the suit in the water. They are meant to have a tight, compression fit, like a competition pool swimming suit. Note that swimskins are meant to be worn on top of a race top/bottom or race suit only for the swim portion of the race. They are very specific, high performance garments not meant to be worn alone like traditional swimwear and the suits can be see-through under certain light or when wet. Undergarments such as a tri kit or swimsuit are strongly advised. Your race kit will affect the fit slightly, so please be sure to try them on and swim in them with your race kit or another suit underneath.  


The Viper swimskin is a performance garment made with top-end materials that will deteriorate over time. Here are some tips to improve its longevity: Rinse in cold fresh water after each use Hang dry thoroughly (inside out) Do not iron or put in a washer/dryer If you soil the suit somehow you can hand wash with mild soap or use our wetsuit shampoo.

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Gender Female
Brand ROKA