IRONMAN ROKA Women's Maverick Elite II Sleeveless Wetsuit

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The Maverick Comp II is an unbeatable value, delivering best in class comfort and performance for the price. Designed to provide support through the core and extra float in the legs, the Maverick Comp II Comp also benefits from high-stretch liners that make getting in and out of the suit a breeze.

The second generation of the Comp wetsuit has been updated with an SCS Nano coating to increase hydrodynamics and durability, and is 100% Yamamoto non-petroleum based neoprene. If you are tackling a new challenge with triathlon, this is the wetsuit that will take you to the next level. The Maverick Comp II is market-beating speed and comfort for an unbeatable price.  

FIT TIPS: Neoprene wetsuits will be slightly looser in the water Neoprene can stretch a little bit more when warmed up If you are on the border between sizes - we recommend sizing down if you want a tighter, more performance fit. Generally our suits are incredibly stretchy, so there is a lot of room in a given size - the height/weights are just a guide minutes to put the suit on properly. The suit should feel tight, but if it constricts your breathing or restricts shoulder movement in the water, then you need to size up. Expect to have someone help you zip the suit up. Needing help with the zipper is a sign of a performance fit. Use the pads of your fingers to avoid fingernail tears. If you are in between sizes, we recommend you go up a size.

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Gender Female
Color GRAY
Brand ROKA