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IRONMAN by Underwater Audio Delphin Waterproof Streaming Media Player Sport Bundle

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The IRONMAN Delphin serves as the greatest workout companion of all time.  Hear your lap times in real-time without looking at your watch, listen to Spotify with a tempo in the background, and review your past swims using the Lap Tracker companion app on your smartphone. When running, the IRONMAN Delphin replaces a smartphone for everyone tired of carrying around a large and fragile device.

When swimming, the IRONMAN Delphin gives music to every swimmer bored of the lap swimming grind. With the IRONMAN Delphin, you can finally listen to all your favorite music apps in the pool. The IRONMAN Delphin has a touch-screen with Wi-Fi and works with both Bluetooth and wired headphones. It features compatibility with most apps, external buttons for navigating playlists and volume, and a unique design tailored for maximum portability. This wearable makes your workout a joy.

Included in the bundle:

  • Waterproof headphones
  • 11 different earbud tips

Compatible with all your favorite apps:

  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • Audible
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • SoundCloud
  • Podcast and Radio Addict


  • The IRONMAN Delphin has a small touch screen that enables you to access your favorite apps. You can navigate the touchscreen just like you would your phone, or connect a Bluetooth keyboard or smartphone for easier typing.
  • The IRONMAN Delphin has up to 6 hours of battery life, outlasting your longest swims or workouts.
  • The built-in IRONMAN M-DOT clip makes it easy to attach your IRONMAN Delphin to your goggle strap, swimsuit, or shorts, and at only 1.6 ounces, you’ll barely feel it.
  • The rubberized edges of the device are durable and designed to withstand a rugged environment. The IRONMAN Delphin can be dropped, fumbled, or even thrown in the ocean (although the device does not float, so we don’t advise this).
  • The IRONMAN Delphin Lap Tracker app enables accurate tracking of lap counts and times, and synchronizes with our smartphone app for detailed data analysis and progress tracking. You can choose to hear your lap counts and times in real-time without the need to stop or look down at a smartwatch.
  • The IRONMAN Delphin can be purchased on its own, or in a bundle with Swimbuds Sport short-cord waterproof headphones, designed specifically for swimming and flip turns.

Play your content wirelessly:

Download playlists ahead of time on any WiFi network. Use the same playlists you already created on Spotify or the stations you curated on Pandora. Sync your Audible audiobooks to the same spot you left off reading or listening to on your phone (no more struggling to fast forward through hours of audiobooks).  Never plug your music player into a computer again, unless you want to, that is.

The IRONMAN Delphin is also a fully functional plug-and-play MP3 player, so don't worry about losing your iTunes music. In fact, the IRONMAN Delphin will also play AAC files, so you can play your iTunes music without converting the files to MP3 format.

Record your laps and times:

Receive audible feedback with your lap count and split times at a frequency you decide with our first-party lap tracking app, designed from the ground up. Test swimming technique changes and get immediate feedback on your results.

Made for swimmers, our lap tracker will help you improve your performance by enabling you to document and track your laps and times so that you can keep pushing your limits. Sync your workouts with Strava or our own lap tracking companion app (available for iOS and Android).

Who should use the IRONMAN Delphin?

The IRONMAN Delphin provides a much smoother experience for swimmers and runners. With plenty of storage for offline listening, the IRONMAN Delphin offers all the functionality of your smartphone in a package a third of the size – no waterproof case or bulky armband necessary.

Swimmers and other athletes can use the IRONMAN Delphin as a tool to improve performance, endurance and speed. You can use it to stay energized and maintain focus when the pressure is on and you need to take the edge off, and use its tracking functions to keep your workouts consistent.

Why do I need the IRONMAN Delphin?

If you already exercise, you probably listen to music while you run or hear the upbeat playlists blasting at your local gym. Listening to music doesn't just make your workout more fun – it actually helps you work out more effectively.

Music helps us disassociate. When you listen to music while you exercise, disassociation helps you tune out the pain and the fatigue that your body experiences, enabling you to go that extra set. While swimming, music can also help you synchronize your cadence. This means that you actually use your oxygen more efficiently and can tolerate a harder workout.

Ultimately, music can play a key role in your results whether you exercise to recover from an injury, or you train to compete in an upcoming race. The IRONMAN Delphin lets you easily access all of your favorite music on a device that will not get in the way of your workout.


The IRONMAN Delphin is covered by a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.  Products under warranty can be returned for a replacement at no cost. The warranty duration continues from the original date of purchase and does not restart upon receipt of a replacement product.  For more information, please see our full warranty policy at

Care Instructions

    • The IRONMAN Delphin is safe to use even in salt water, but always rinse it in fresh water afterwards to prevent salt or chlorine residue.
      • Ensure that the charging port and cable are entirely dry before charging the IRONMAN Delphin or you will destroy the device.
        • Never overcharge the IRONMAN Delphin.  Do not leave the IRONMAN Delphin charging for longer than 3-4 hours or battery damage may occur.
          • The Swimbuds Sport headphones can fray internally if they are pulled taut or twisted.  To prolong the lifespan of your headphones, keep them in a loose circle when not in use, and avoid yanking, twisting, or snarling them.
            • Do not use Swimbuds Sport (or any watertight earbuds or earplugs) below a depth of 3 meters (10 feet) as the pressure can result in serious damage to your ears.

            HTS codes

            IRONMAN Delphin: 8519814050

            Dimensions and Weights

            • In packaging: IRONMAN Delphin: 4" x 4" x 2.5" - 2.4 oz
            • Without packaging: IRONMAN Delphin: 2" x 1.75" x 0.625
            • Swimbuds Sport: 17cm cord, includes 1m extension cord
            Please note: this bundle includes swimbuds.

            Please allow 2-4 business days for your this product to ship. It is not eligible for discounts or promotions. It ships via FedEx Ground only and separately from other products in your order. Ships US only.

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