IRONMAN CompresSport Full Socks Detox Recovery

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IRONMAN CompresSport Detox Recovery Socks Available in 3 Colors - Black, Red, and White The IRONMAN CompresSport Detox Recovery Socks are built for fast recovery for all your Triathalon needs.  This new design delivers more oxygen to your muscles for quick recovery and boosts venous return to elimate toxin and lactate build-up.    Features:   One Hemless Layer - alleviates pressure and discomfort behind the knee Achilles Tendon Protection - protects against friction and pressure Ultra Ventilation Mesh - prevents overheating and blistering  Arch Support - accelerates venus return  Grip 3D.Dot - maxiumum grip, minimal slip Shock Prevention and Absorption  Ergo Fit Technology - socks contours and covers toes without creasing Total Water Extraction - your feet stay dry Graduated Compression for Measurable Results Venous return improvement +20% - graduated compression presses on the veins to activate venous return  Improved muscle oxygenation +15% - improved blood circulation increases muscle oxygenation for fast recovery Anti-Toxin -13% - improved venus return elimates toxins as the blood lactates, accelerating recovery and rediucing pain.    
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Gender Unisex
Brand Compressport