IRONMAN ROKA Mens Maverick Elite II Sleeveless Wetsuit

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EVOLUTION OF A REVOLUTION The Maverick Elite Sleeveless boasts the same DNA as the Maverick Elite, highlighted by our patented buoyancy profile, smart paneling and premium materials - all of which radically increases mobility and comfort and decrease shoulder fatigue. The same principles that make the Pro faster and more comfortable than every other suit on the market have been incorporated into the Elite to distance it from the pack. Like our flagship suits, the Maverick Elite is an easy speed machine in a sea of flotation devices, and you simply can’t find another suit this fast or this comfortable at this price. FIT TIPS: Neoprene wetsuits will be slightly looser in the water. Even if your suit feels tight on land, it may feel right in the water. Neoprene can stretch a little bit more when warmed up. If you fit more than one size, sizing down will give you a tight fit and you should expect to take 10-12 minutes to put the suit on properly. The suit should feel tight, but if it constricts your breathing or restricts shoulder movement in the water, then you need to size up. Expect to have someone help you zip the suit up. Needing help with the zipper is a sign of a performance fit. Use the pads of your fingers to avoid fingernail tears.    
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Price $350.00
Color GRAY
Brand ROKA